There are Flavors 17-8-1945 In Victory Indonesia Kontra Philippines

There are Flavors 17-8-1945 In Victory Indonesia Kontra Philippines

Indonesia U-22 national team gave a sweet present at Republic of Indonesia Independence Day with a 3-0 victory over the Philippines at Shah Alam Stadium, Kuala Lumpur, on Thursday (17/8). Want to believe or not victory is closely related to the date of the proclamation of our country’s independence, namely 17 August 1945.

Previously it was known the time and date of the action was closely related to the most sacred day for this Indonesian citizen.

In addition to the day took place right on the 72nd Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. It turned out that his kick off time also drew the year of the proclamation of independence. As already destined kick off the match took place at 19:45 pm.

Not only time and day of execution. Goals scored by Garuda penggawa also associated with the smell of the date of the month and the year of independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

Figures 17 equal to the day of our country’s independence for example is the number stump Saddil Ramdani who managed to score the third goal Indonesian national team. Beautiful kick from outside the penalty box slid hard into the Philippine goalkeeper.

While the number 8 equal to the month of independence, namely August. Where the number 8 own number back Hargianto second goal scorer Indonesia.

Goals scored by Hargianto occurred in 45+ minutes, referring to the declaration year of proclamation by Bung Karno and Hatta.

“My friends and I are grateful and happy for this victory. This is a birthday present anniversary of RI to 72 today, “said Septian David Maulana told PSSI website

“The prayers of the people of Indonesia make us play vigorously and maximally,” he added.

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