Indra Sjafri Strives Players Can Perform More Than One Position

Indra Sjafri Strives Players Can Perform More Than One Position

Indonesia U-19 national team coach, Indra Sjafri, tried to maximize some players in order to play more than one position Agen Sbobet.

“There are some players that we try to maximize with the new position,” said coach U-19 national team, Indra Sjafri, after leading the practice at the Stadium of Yogyakarta State University (UNY), Monday (14/08/2017).

Indra Sjafri revealed will bring 23 players for AFF Cup U-18 in Myanmar in September 2017.

Of the 23 players who were brought, some of them plotted to be able to play in various positions.

“There are some players we plot to play more than one position,” he said.

Indra exemplifies, in the U-19 national team of Indonesia, the player who plays as a midfielder is abundant with skill capable skills.

Therefore, the midfielder’s players will try to be able to play in more positions in the future.

“Maybe he can be in (the position) midfielder, we can go ahead, we want to see, the position of midfielders is a lot, their skills are good, we try to find a new position,” he said.

Until now, the last TC U-19 national team is still followed by 28 players. U-19 national team coach, Indra Sjafri, will not do shrinking players because they want to see in more detail the ability of players.

So Hero, Wenger Call Giroud Fantastic


So Hero, Wenger Call Giroud Fantastic

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, 67, praised Olivier Giroud (30) after his side won 4-3 at Leicester City in the Premier League game at Emirates Stadium, London on Friday (11/08/2017).

Arsenal goals scored by Alexandre Lacazette (2nd minute), Danny Welbeck (45 + 2 ‘), Aaron Ramsey (83’), and Olivier Giroud (85 ‘). The Leicester City goal came from Shinji Okazaki (5 ‘) and Jamie Vardy (29’, 56 ‘).

Giroud, who just unloaded Arsene Wenger in the 67th minute to replace Rob Holding, managed to become the hero of the Gunners victory.

“I love Giroud as a man and a player,” Arsene Wenger told Sky Sports.

“He is a fantastic and committed man,” Wenger said.

When asked about the readiness of competitors competing in the Premier League, Wenger admitted to choose the focus to continue to secure the three points.

“I do not know how good the other team will look,” Wenger said.

“There are six or seven teams can be champions.Any missing points can be very harmful to you,” said Wenger.

The existence of Giroud could have a major effect for the success of Arsenal this season. Moreover, the French bomber has advantages in air duel.

Since joining Arsenal in June 2012, Giroud became the player who most often scored a goal via a header with a record 26 goals.

Fletcher: Bale Arrives to Change MU Status

Fletcher: Bale Arrives to Change MU Status

Stoke City midfielder Darren Fletcher believes that the arrival of Gareth Bale will make Manchester United one of the champions favorites Judi Poker Online.

Manchester United are reportedly interested in bringing Bale to Old Trafford, with Fletcher believing that the arrival of the Wales player will be able to provide additional quality into the squad.

“The transfer will bring United to the top,” the Scottish midfielder told reporters.

“They will not only be champion favorites, but people will start to expect a degree from them. That is the level of the transfer, the transfer is a transfer that is next level. ”

“If Gareth can keep fit throughout the season, and United can bring him, then I personally believe that it will instantly make them one of the champions favorites.”

Ahead of UEFA Super Cup, Manchester United Legend Trio Simbol Keidbatan Zidane

Ahead of UEFA Super Cup, Manchester United Legend Trio Simbol Keidbatan Zidane

Ryan Giggs and Neville brothers explained that Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane has a great capacity. They rate it has been seen since the meeting with Zidane during the active play first.

Born as a great footballer in his generation, Zidane was able to win a number of major trophies at club level. One of his glorious achievements was when he scored two goals in the 1998 World Cup final, and became a key figure of Les Blues victory in the 2000 European Cup.

Asked about who is the most difficult player to face during his active stint, Giggs and Neville brothers call Zidane as the toughest opponent. Also following the name of Romario, Luis Figo, Lionel Messi who became the toughest opponents in recognition of the three legends of the Red Devils.

“You can not let him slip away (Zidane), he’s incredible. His physique looks very strong, especially good technical, good mentality, he is the best opponent I’ve ever faced in a soccer field, “said Giggs in the event Sky Sports Super 6 event.

“Actually, I do not want to be on the pitch. I was in the lineup to play against him at Juventus counter, and I stood beside him and he was incredible. You can see it on television and you think he’s not so big, ”

“He does not have excessive physicality as a player but he uses it the right way and you can not get the ball from him.”

Phil Neville then reinforced the praise of Zidane, but in general repeats Giggs’s words. While Gary Neville added his admiration for Zidane’s football skills.

“His body is incredible, you will go try and grab the ball from him and he will always keep the ball at his feet,” said Gary Neville.

“He will always keep his ball from the opposing team and you can not steal a ball from him because of his size. As Giggs said, he’s a fantastic player. ”

Zidane’s managerial career showed signs that the same route had happened just like when he was still playing. Success always follow the coach with the characteristic of his plontos head.

New coaching Madrid from January 2016, he has won the Champions League twice, once the La Liga title. Zidane had the opportunity to retain the title Super Cup Red Devils midway this week. (Source: Squawka)

After Live Debut, Mourinho Praise Nemanja Matic

After Live Debut, Mourinho Praise Nemanja Matic

Manchester United coach, Jose Mourinho, did not hesitate to give praise to Nemanja Matic, who is considered a successful performance with great performance Situs Poker Online.

Matic was lowered in the game with Sampdoria yesterday, the game was ended for victory squad The Special One, with the final score 2-1.

“Matic is a great player, when I watched him in the field, I was not hesitant to judge he was a genius player,” Praise Mourinho for Matic.

“Playing with not too many variations is really his trademark, and he’s the Matic I know, but he’s done very well.”

Milomir Seslija: I’m Still Coach Persiba

Milomir Seslija responded to news or rumors that he will be coach Persib Bandung.

53-year-old man gave clarification about the news. Milomir said that he is still a coach of Persiba Balikpapan.

“I just want to say that I am still a coach of Persiba Balikpapan.All the information circulating in the media is a rumor,” Milo wrote in his Twitter account, @MiloSeslija.

Previously, circulated the news that Milo will train Persib Bandung for the second round of League 1. It was originated from comments submitted by the manager Persib, Umuh Muchtar.

“I affirm the coach leads to Milo, we have a mutual agreement,” Umuh said when interviewed by journalists at Lodaya Field, Bandung, Tuesday (08/01/2017).

However, in addition to Milo, the Persiba also provide clarification.

Director of Sport of Persiba, Jamal Al Rashid, stated that Milo still serves as coach of Persiba.

“God willing, the trainer of Persiba Balikpapan Milo Seslija remains in Persiba Balikpapan,” Jamal writes, in his Instagram account, @jamal_alrasyid.

“This news is to straighten out the burgeoning news as well as the maze of a League 1 club claiming a one-sided relationship with Milo’s position,” he continued.

Penggemar Liverpool sangat mendukung penampilan aman

Penggemar Liverpool sangat mendukung penampilan aman

Penggemar Liverpool telah memilih dengan kuat untuk mempertahankan posisi aman di stadion sepak bola, meskipun sebuah perubahan dalam undang-undang akan diperlukan sebelum dapat diperkenalkan di Liga Primer.

Tempat parkir kereta api berada di tempat di rumah Parkhead Celtic dan di banyak stadion Eropa, meskipun untuk peraturan kompetisi UEFA mendikte alasan harus kembali ke desain seater.

Serikat pendukung Liverpool Spirit of Shankly berkonsultasi dengan keluarga Hillsborough mengenai polling tersebut, yang melihat 17.910 penggemar ambil bagian, dengan 88 persen suara mendukung pengenalan tempat duduk kereta api.

Hasilnya menunjukkan lima persen memilih menentang sistem tersebut, sementara lima persen responden menginginkan lebih banyak informasi dan dua persennya ragu-ragu.

“Jumlah pemilih dan mayoritas yang mendukung tempat duduk kereta tidak dapat diabaikan,” kata Spirit of Shankly dalam sebuah pernyataan. “Itu selalu menjadi niat kami untuk memastikan semua pendukung memiliki kesempatan untuk berkontribusi, mendengarkan pandangan yang berbeda dan kemudian memutuskannya. Hal ini sekarang telah terjadi.

“Kami menyadari pentingnya pemungutan suara ini baik secara lokal maupun dalam perdebatan yang lebih luas secara nasional. Dari saat diskusi mengenai tempat duduk kereta api dimulai, pendukung Liverpool dan Hillsborough telah direferensikan baik sebagai alasan untuk tidak melakukannya, atau sebagai titik balik yang mungkin akan terjadi. Memungkinkan pendahuluan

“Sekarang, pandangan kita diketahui dan kami mendesak setiap orang untuk mencerna dan memahami kepekaan dan detail di balik hasilnya. Suara dan pandangan kita seharusnya tidak disalahgunakan, disalahartikan atau disalahgunakan oleh siapa saja. Kita tidak akan membiarkan hal itu terjadi.

“Tidak ada yang menang, tidak ada pemenang atau pecundang Mungkin ada ketidaksepakatan dengan pandangan di kedua sisi, tapi kami memberi setiap orang kesempatan untuk memiliki pendapat mereka dan mengajukan pertanyaan mereka. Bagi mereka yang tidak dapat memahami hal ini, kami mendesak mereka Untuk mempertimbangkan pengalaman dan sakit hati yang telah dirasakan dan dialami banyak orang selama ini. ”

Liverpool sebelumnya mengindikasikan bahwa klub tersebut akan mendengarkan pandangan pendukung mengenai status aman, namun Grup Dukungan Keluarga Hillsborough menentang pengenalan status aman.