Evan Dimas Feelings While Watching Indonesia National Team Struggle

Evan Dimas Feelings While Watching Indonesia National Team Struggle

Midfielder Evan Dimas Darmono just sit still with a flat expression during the match Indonesia vs Vietnam. In the match at MP Selayang Stadium, Selangor, that, the FC Bhayangkara player is absent.

Sanctions accumulation of yellow cards to make Evan Dimas just sitting in the stadium’s tribune on Tuesday (22/08/2017) night.

In fact, Evan Dimas the previous day really wanted to play when U-22 national team Indonesia U-22 national team in the fourth game of Group B SEA Games 2017.

However, hope to stay hope because the sanctions are still valid and Evan Dimas willing to be spectators of action that took place exciting.

Throughout the game, Evan Dimas sits next to one of Indonesia U-22 national team analysis team, Danurwindo.

Danurwindo who is also Technical Director of PSSI is busy with the record he brought, but Evan Dimas did not do anything.

However, whatever what raged in the mind of the 22-year-old boy when he saw Hansamu Yama cs attacked Vietnamese players.

After the game, Evan Dimas who does not say much says a few words about his feelings.

“Incredible, mixed feelings throughout the game,” said Evan Dimas on Tuesday (22/08/2017) night.

Now, Evan Dimas has been free from sanctions accumulated yellow card and will be prepared for the match U-22 Indonesia national team.

On Thursday (08/24/2017), Garuda Young squad will play against the U-22 Vietnam team in the last match of Group B.

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