Away from Arsenal, Alexis Sanchez is Fatter

Away from Arsenal, Alexis Sanchez is Fatter

Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez, considered not in the ideal body condition. The opinion came from former player mentor Jose Sulantay.

Sanchez fills the league break time by defending Chile at the 2017 Confederations Cup. When the curtain of the 2017-2018 season has been opened anyway, the 28-year-old gedor is still down defending the country for two World Cup 2018 qualifying parties counter Paraguay and Bolivia.

According to Sulantay, Sanchez’s body becomes fatter as far as being away from Arsenal. The player’s weight is currently at 62 kilograms.

“I see Sanchez coming out of his ideal physical form, he is fatter than usual,” said the man who gave Sanchez his debut in Chile U-20.

Not just a body shape, Sulantay also saw a negative change from the game Sanchez. He also considered it as a sign that the former foster children have started to lose the passion of play because of failure to move from the Gunners.

“He never made diagonal movements again, I do not think that’s a Sanchez type,” Sulantay said.

“It’s a statement that someone wants to go,” Sulantay added.

Sanchez is closely associated with Manchester City along the summer of 2017. In fact, until the transfer window closed, the former FC Barcelona pillar was never moved because there is a refusal from Arsenal.

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