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Memories of Dani Carvajal With Jose Mourinho

Memories of Dani Carvajal With Jose Mourinho

Real Madrid player, Dani Carvajal, apparently has its own memories with Jose Mourinho. Before, so MU manager, Mourinho had coached Real Madrid.

Carvajal recalled Jose Mourinho’s decision to throw it into Bayer Leverkusen in 2012. However, Carvajal is grateful that he can return to be part of Los Blancos.

Dani Carvajal is a product of Real Madrid academy. He strengthened Real Madrid B in the period 2010-12. However, Carvajal considered not good enough by Jose Mourinho who was then still served as Real Madrid’s main team coach.

Management finally released it to Bayer Leverkusen with a repurchase clause in 2012. Last season, Mourinho and Real Madrid split up. In Germany, Carvajal showed a positive performance. Management also activated the repurchase clause and brought Carvajal back to Real Madrid.

Under the control of the new coach at that time, namely Carlo Ancelotti, Dani Carvajal began to get a chance to play on a regular basis. Some time ago, Carvajal just signed a brand with Los Blancos last. He also expressed the incident when discarded by Mourinho.

“I was in the academy at the time. Then Mourinho came to me and said that I am still not ready to perform with the first team. I was released to Bayer Leverkusen, “recalls Dani Carvajal.

“In Germany, I got a chance to prove myself. Then fate turned. I’m returning to Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho is parting company with the club, “said the 25-year-old.

Dani Carvajal can prove himself as one among the important players Los Blancos. After signing a brand-new contract, Carvajal hopes to spend his career as a Real Madrid player. He also has a special target, which is to captain Real Madrid in the future.

No Discussion of Chiellini’s New Contract

No Discussion of Chiellini’s New Contract

Juventus have reportedly still had to open talks with Giorgio Chiellini on a new contract, but it was delayed for now Agen Judi.

The 33-year-old center-back was sidelined with injuries, with his contract expiring on June 30.

There are suggestions that a two-year deal has been offered, but the media believes that no talks so far have happened between the club and the player’s representatives.

However, good relationships between the parties remain intertwined and there should be no problem in settling an agreement.

The Italian-born player started his career with the Serie A champions in 2005, having previously undergone a series of careers with AS Roma, as well as a short loan status for Livorno and Fiorentina.

Although he was already head three, he still entrusted his name in the defense of the Italian national team squad.

Barcelona 5-0 Espanyol (La Liga)

Barcelona 5-0 Espanyol (La Liga)

Barcelona vs Espanyol, Sunday, September 10, 2017, at 1:45 pm, Camp Nou, Barcelona.

Derby Catalan on the 3rd jornada La Liga ended in a landslide victory Barcelona, 5-0 from Espanyol.

Hat-trick successfully created by Lionel Messi in this fight through goals dimenit 26, 35 minutes, and 67 minutes. The next two goals were scored by Gerard Pique in the 87th minute and Luis Suarez in the 90th.

This victory makes Barca points temporarily temporary to 9. While this defeat hold Espanyol on point 1.

The following game Barca on the 4th jornada is a visit to the headquarters of Getafe. Kick off will start on Saturday, September 16, 2017, at 21:15 pm.

While Espanyol will host Celta de Vigo on Tuesday, September 19, 2017, at 02:00 pm.

Away from Arsenal, Alexis Sanchez is Fatter

Away from Arsenal, Alexis Sanchez is Fatter

Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez, considered not in the ideal body condition. The opinion came from former player mentor Jose Sulantay.

Sanchez fills the league break time by defending Chile at the 2017 Confederations Cup. When the curtain of the 2017-2018 season has been opened anyway, the 28-year-old gedor is still down defending the country for two World Cup 2018 qualifying parties counter Paraguay and Bolivia.

According to Sulantay, Sanchez’s body becomes fatter as far as being away from Arsenal. The player’s weight is currently at 62 kilograms.

“I see Sanchez coming out of his ideal physical form, he is fatter than usual,” said the man who gave Sanchez his debut in Chile U-20.

Not just a body shape, Sulantay also saw a negative change from the game Sanchez. He also considered it as a sign that the former foster children have started to lose the passion of play because of failure to move from the Gunners.

“He never made diagonal movements again, I do not think that’s a Sanchez type,” Sulantay said.

“It’s a statement that someone wants to go,” Sulantay added.

Sanchez is closely associated with Manchester City along the summer of 2017. In fact, until the transfer window closed, the former FC Barcelona pillar was never moved because there is a refusal from Arsenal.

Deschamps Upset France Wants Many Opportunities!

Deschamps Upset France Wants Many Opportunities!

French team tactics spokesman Didier Deschamps recently revealed that his team had wasted a lot of chances in a 0-0 draw against Luxembourg Agen Bola.

The reason, the result hinders the ambition of France to ensure themselves entered the 2018 World Cup final play in Russia and make Les Bleus now only one point ahead of Sweden who stands at the top of Group A.

And when asked about the outcome of the game, Deschamps said: “This is football. They can happen and make sense. ”

“They have a lot of chances and do not score any goals, it makes me a little disappointed and frustrated. We’re a little less accurate. And we’re not too keen on certain occasions. ”

“Luxembourg itself does look pretty neat, but we lack the real reality,” he said.

Eden Hazard’s Role Behind the Younger’s Transfer to Chelsea

Eden Hazard’s Role Behind the Younger’s Transfer to Chelsea

Chelsea’s Eden Hazard opens his voice for his role in the arrival of his younger brother, Kylian, to the club nicknamed The Blues.

Kylian Hazard joined Chelsea’s youth team after joining Hungarian club Ujpest.

According to Eden Hazard, her sister needs a new challenge.

For this reason, he recommends Kylian to Chelsea management

“Kylian said he needed a new environment, so I took him to Chelsea, I promised to talk to the manager to help Kylian, and they recruited him and I’m very happy,” Hazard said.

Although happy because his brother followed his footsteps to Stamford Bridge, Hazard also sent warned-warned.

“I want him to get a lot of play time, maybe he can not go directly to the first team because it’s too early and he needs to learn, hopefully someday,” he said.

Kylian is the third member of the Hazard family to ever join Chelsea.

In addition to Eden Hazard who is currently playing in Chelsea’s main team, there is the name of Thorgan Hazard who had joined Chelsea in 2012.

However, Thorgan has never recorded a performance in the first team before then move to Borussia Moechengladbach in 2015.

Sergio Ramos Reveals Key of Real Madrid Success

Sergio Ramos Reveals Key of Real Madrid Success

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos says his team can earn a lot of success as they quickly rise from the past.

In an interview with the Italian magazine Undici, Sergio Ramos said that football does not allow space to linger for victory or regret failure.

“I think the key to Real Madrid’s success is to forget the victories we’ve achieved in the past, not giving us time to enjoy everything,” Ramos said.

The 31-year-old defender also said that Real Madrid will apply the “moment” in the 2017-2018 season.

As is known, Real Madrid won three Champions League trophies within a period of four years.

El Real also won the Spanish League title season 2016-2017.

“Winning three Champions League games in four seasons is great, but it’s time to put that aside,” Ramos said.

He was not worried about not having time to enjoy the victory he achieved.

“One day, when I retire, I have a lot of time remembering and thinking about all those victories,” he continued.

Berardi Extend Contracts Together with Sassuolo

Berardi Extend Contracts Together with Sassuolo

Domenico Berardi’s name will now not be in the summer transfer market after he signed a new contract with Sassuolo, whose duration will run until June 2022 Judi Bola.

The Italian-born forward puts pen to paper on a new long-term deal tonight.

That means he’s out of the market, despite the fact that there’s an offer coming from AS Roma, and he’s been linked with Juventus and Inter before.

Berardi is only 23 years old this month and he has scored 43 goals with 33 assists in 112 Serie A games.

Just a day ago Roma made an offer for Berardi, but Sassuolo did not want to open the door of the conversation.

Even last month, the Nerazzurri are also struggling to lure Berardi to the San Siro, even daring to give Gabigol as part of an exchange deal.

But Sassuolo still insisted to keep putting Berardi in the squad Cristian Bucchi care.

Evan Dimas Feelings While Watching Indonesia National Team Struggle

Evan Dimas Feelings While Watching Indonesia National Team Struggle

Midfielder Evan Dimas Darmono just sit still with a flat expression during the match Indonesia vs Vietnam. In the match at MP Selayang Stadium, Selangor, that, the FC Bhayangkara player is absent.

Sanctions accumulation of yellow cards to make Evan Dimas just sitting in the stadium’s tribune on Tuesday (22/08/2017) night.

In fact, Evan Dimas the previous day really wanted to play when U-22 national team Indonesia U-22 national team in the fourth game of Group B SEA Games 2017.

However, hope to stay hope because the sanctions are still valid and Evan Dimas willing to be spectators of action that took place exciting.

Throughout the game, Evan Dimas sits next to one of Indonesia U-22 national team analysis team, Danurwindo.

Danurwindo who is also Technical Director of PSSI is busy with the record he brought, but Evan Dimas did not do anything.

However, whatever what raged in the mind of the 22-year-old boy when he saw Hansamu Yama cs attacked Vietnamese players.

After the game, Evan Dimas who does not say much says a few words about his feelings.

“Incredible, mixed feelings throughout the game,” said Evan Dimas on Tuesday (22/08/2017) night.

Now, Evan Dimas has been free from sanctions accumulated yellow card and will be prepared for the match U-22 Indonesia national team.

On Thursday (08/24/2017), Garuda Young squad will play against the U-22 Vietnam team in the last match of Group B.

There are Flavors 17-8-1945 In Victory Indonesia Kontra Philippines

There are Flavors 17-8-1945 In Victory Indonesia Kontra Philippines

Indonesia U-22 national team gave a sweet present at Republic of Indonesia Independence Day with a 3-0 victory over the Philippines at Shah Alam Stadium, Kuala Lumpur, on Thursday (17/8). Want to believe or not victory is closely related to the date of the proclamation of our country’s independence, namely 17 August 1945.

Previously it was known the time and date of the action was closely related to the most sacred day for this Indonesian citizen.

In addition to the day took place right on the 72nd Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. It turned out that his kick off time also drew the year of the proclamation of independence. As already destined kick off the match took place at 19:45 pm.

Not only time and day of execution. Goals scored by Garuda penggawa also associated with the smell of the date of the month and the year of independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

Figures 17 equal to the day of our country’s independence for example is the number stump Saddil Ramdani who managed to score the third goal Indonesian national team. Beautiful kick from outside the penalty box slid hard into the Philippine goalkeeper.

While the number 8 equal to the month of independence, namely August. Where the number 8 own number back Hargianto second goal scorer Indonesia.

Goals scored by Hargianto occurred in 45+ minutes, referring to the declaration year of proclamation by Bung Karno and Hatta.

“My friends and I are grateful and happy for this victory. This is a birthday present anniversary of RI to 72 today, “said Septian David Maulana told PSSI website

“The prayers of the people of Indonesia make us play vigorously and maximally,” he added.